Web services at ctrlweb


or how to make your place on the Web.

Whether you need an online shop, a web presence for your brand, or a specialized web application for your business, the web’s usefulness is evident.

However, there are as many ways to make a website as there are developers. As digital professionals, all our work is put into the design and realization of a solution that is thoughtful, of quality and which respect the standards of the Web.

By using free and open source technologies, we want to ensure your autonomy in the use and management of your web platform. The quality of the relationship with our customers is one of our priorities at ctrlweb and that is why we involve you in the different stages of the process so that the final product respects the vision of your company.

Web services at ctrlweb


Before you even think about developing a website, you have to go to the drawing board. The first step being the creation of a wireframe, this allows you to create a skeleton for your site and put the key elements in place in order to move on to the second step, the visual models.

Following the approval of the wireframes, our web designers take care of dressing them by setting up your graphic and visual charter containing your logos, your colors as well as your font to be used for the textual content.

Designing a website requires a great deal of knowledge in terms of the user interface (UI) as well as the user experience (UX) in order to offer a product that will be well understood and used by your customers. This is why we collaborate with design experts with whom we have developed an efficient working method.

Web services at ctrlweb


The quality of the code is crucial to the creation of a successful and efficient website. By keeping all our programming team up to date with industry standards and following continuous training, our team of developers is on a mission to provide you with a website that will allow you to reach your business objectives.

In addition, we believe that training is also done at the client level and it is for this reason that with each delivery of website, we offer you a complete formation on it to ensure you autonomy in the use and a better understanding of your website.

Web services at ctrlweb


With the growing demand for web hosting needs from our customers since our inception, we have started to offer this service both for websites we do internally and for those from other agencies.

However, as quality is always at the heart of all our services, we have also applied it with hosting. Unlike other providers, we only offer hosting on dedicated servers. So this means that the server only contains your website and does not share its resources with a multitude of other sites. This therefore provides better performance and greater security for you.

Consultation services at ctrlweb


or know how to look for good advice

Over the years, we have acquired expertise in website design, but also in the technical analysis of all projects with a web aspect. We therefore put our expertise at your disposal thanks to our technological consulting services.

Whether it is to assist you in finding a new candidate to manage your entire IT department or for a technical analysis of a large-scale project, we are here to help and provide you with our advice.

We can also provide you with our full web development and digital marketing services as a collaborator or as a white label in your projects.

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