Your Friendly Neighbourhood Web Experts

Daniel Le Blanc


With almost 25 years experience in the IT industry, 14 years of which in web technologies, Daniel is a seasoned problem-solver. From the age of 17, he managed three specialized IT consulting companies before starting ctrlweb in 2013. He has a true passion for community projects, learning and teaching, and has been a vegetarian since 1999.

Leonardo Venegas

Managing Director, Associate

Having gathered an extensive work experience in customer service and project management as well as life experience travelling abroad, Leonardo Venegas has recently completed a degree in business management and marketing. A curious autodidact, he is also aspiring to undertake a masters in ecommerce. If you don't find him sitting in front of his laptop, he's probably climbing a cliff somewhere.

Émilie Arculeo

Operations Director

Coming from the French marketing industry, Émilie has had the opportunity to work on numerous big brand projects as a digital project manager.  She had always wanted to move to North America, which is why she joined our team in 2018 -- her first experience in a purely digital agency.  Her extensive experience in management, as well as her formidable appetite for organizational problem-solving, allowed her to raise rapidly in ranks, going from project manager to senior project manager, to her current position.

Maxime Létourneau-Allan

Digital Strategist

Text to come.

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