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or the art of understanding your audience.

Thanks to various web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we can observe the behavior of the users on your website and the performance of the latter. By analyzing the pages visited by your users and the actions performed on your website, we can adapt your website to obtain the best results and allow you to reach your objectives.

We are also setting up a dashboard with all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow us to track the results of the strategies and the optimizations to your website that have been made in order to improve interactions.

digital marketing at ctrlweb


or how to climb the ranks of Google.

With more than 90% of the market share, Google is more than ever the place where you need to be the best referenced, but the competition is generally very strong. To achieve this, there are several tools at your disposal including SEO audit, setting up a link acquisition strategy, researching keywords relevant to your business and writing search engine optimized content.

Thanks to organic referencing (SEO), we allow your company to obtain optimal positioning on search engines without having to pay for the purchase of keywords and thus find yourself at the front of your competition.

organic referencing at ctrlweb


By carrying out, in the first place, a thorough analysis or audit of your site while listing a series of factors (speed of your site, metadata, html headers, sitemap, etc.) influencing your positioning on search engines we assure you a complete overview of the current situation.

Following this audit, we will give you an analysis report describing all the key factors to improve and the order of priority of these in order to allow you to better understand the impact that these can have on your SEO and your ranking on search engines.

organic referencing at ctrlweb


Keyword research is at the heart of your organic SEO strategy. By performing a complete analysis of your content in place, your competition and the most sought-after terms currently in your business, we can determine the keywords that should be highlighted on each of your pages and which can positively influence your presence on search engines.

Our writers can also brainstorm with you if you want to be involved in this process, because no one knows your business and its environment better than you do.

organic referencing at ctrlweb


Following the search for the most suitable keywords for your placement on the search engines, we will proceed to the writing of your SEO optimized content. Whether it’s the content of your website pages or the writing of blog articles, we take care of everything. As your content is the one of the main elements that influences your positioning, it is essential that it is written according to SEO best writing practices.

We also do the work on the structure of your content and the placement of your meta and structured datas to ensure optimal reading by search engines.

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