With my high level of adaptability and my numerous years of experience in Web services, surpassing the number of years of its own existence, I will be an asset to your team. I am always available to lend a hand and meet your needs with great attention to details and to deadlines. I am a designer, integrator, developer, web marketing specialist and a project manager who loves to take on new challenges and to deliver high quality projects.


18 years


People refer to me when they need performance, robustness and optimization in application coding for their projects. I have all the qualities of the ideal web developer; I am reliable, creative, flexible, efficient and experienced.
17 years


I'm always up to date on the latest practices and tools related to integration which enables me to make pages with rich and interactive content compatible with all major browsers. My passion is giving life to your designs.
11 years


I have an eye for detail and I create wireframes that take into account both the user experience and the constraints related to integration. I’m constantly searching the web for new trends. I create concepts that appeal and speak to your customers.

Technical Skills



Good web practices, new technologies, science, sports (Shotokan karate, yoga, volleyball, running, skating, climbing), music (guitar, piano, vocals, percussion, ukulele), reading, education, psychology, philosophy, design, photography, digital arts, outdoors, history